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Daniel Tobin

Daniel J. Tobin
General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Daniel J. Tobin was born in County Clare, Ireland, and immigrated to Boston in 1889 at the age of fourteen.  He continued his education at night and worked at a sheet metal plant in Cambridge.  When he lost his job there he worked in a horse stable and learned to drive a three-horse team.  He drove a street car in Boston and joined Local 25 of the Teamsters.

In 1907 Tobin was elected General President of the IBT by a margin of 12 votes out of 200+ delegates.  He remained in that post until he retired in 1952.  During that time, the Teamsters grew from 38,905 to 120,245 members, making them the most powerful union in America.

Tobin also held positions in the American Federal of Labor (AFL) and “helped lay the foundation for the future merger of the AFL and CIO organizations.  He was Chairman of the Labor Division of the Democratic Party, and became a close ally and confident of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  He worked closely with labor leaders like Samuel Gompers, William Green and others, and was also respected as a labor leader on international matters.


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